Marlene Trestman

List of American Jewish Orphanages - 49
(Revised August 19, 2021)
The 1623 children who were raised in New Orleans's Jewish Orphans' Home, later known as the Jewish Children's Home, are only a fraction of the tens of thousands of children who lived in Jewish orphanages across the nation. To better understand the collective history of all these children, I am compiling the first comprehensive list of American Jewish orphanages. The 49 orphanages I have identified to date are set forth below. This list is limited to Jewish congregate institutions in which orphans were housed; it does not include benevolent societies that only provided financial assistance to dependent children or placed them in boarding homes or private homes. I welcome additions and corrections to this list. 


Opened      Name                                                                                                                      Location

​1855*    Jewish Foster Home                                                     Philadelphia PA
1856     Home for Jewish Widows and Orphans                   New Orleans LA
1860     Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                             New York NY
1860     Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                             Charleston SC
1861     Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                             Newark NJ
1868     Jewish Orphan Asylum                                                Cleveland OH
1871     Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                 San Francisco CA
1872     Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                             Baltimore MD
1878     Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum                            Brooklyn NY
1879     Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society                       New York NY
1879     Jewish Orphan Asylum of Western New York         Rochester NY
1889     Hebrew Orphans Home                                             Atlanta GA
1890     J.M. Gusky Hebrew Orphanage                                 Pittsburgh PA
1896     Home for Hebrew Orphans                                       Philadelphia PA  
1890     Leopold Morse Home for Aged

              & Infirm Hebrews and Orphans                               Boston MA
1893     Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans                          Chicago IL
1895     Home for Hebrew Infants                                          Bronx NY
1896     Jewish Foster Home                                                    Cincinnati OH
1897     Home for Destitute Jewish Children                         Boston MA
1898     Home for Hebrew Orphans                                       Philadelphia PA
1899     Jewish Infant Orphans Home                                    Cleveland OH
1901     Home of the Jewish Friendless                                  Chicago IL
1905     Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Asylum                     Chicago IL
1905     Jewish Home for Children                                          New Haven CT
1907     Denver Sheltering Home for Jewish Children         Denver CO
1908     Jewish Orphans Home of Southern California       Los Angeles CA
1908     Jewish Foster Home                                                    Washington DC
1908     Jewish Orphanage of Rhode Island                          Providence RI
1909     Jewish Orphans Home                                                St. Louis MO
1910     Hebrew Women’s Home for Children                      Hartford CT
1912     Jewish Children’s Home                                              Louisville KY
1912     B’nai B’rith Orphanage and Home for

              Friendless Children                                                     Erie, PA
1913     Israel Orphan Asylum                                                 New York NY
1913     Jewish Home for Babies and Children                     Pittsburgh PA
1914     Hebrew National Orphan Home                               Yonkers NY
1915     Hebrew Orphan Asylum                                             Bridgeport CT
1915     Hebrew Orphan Home of Hudson County              Jersey City NJ
1917     Down Town Jewish Orphan Home                           Philadelphia PA
1918     North Eastern Hebrew Orphans Home                   Philadelphia PA
1918     Jewish Sheltering Home for Children                       Minneapolis MN
1919     Jewish Infant Orphans Home of Ohio                      Columbus OH
1919     Orthodox Jewish Orphans Home                              Cincinnati OH
1920     Jewish Shelter Home                                                   Portland OR
1920     Orthodox Jewish Orphan Asylum                             Cleveland OH
1920     Jewish Orphans Home                                                Kansas City, MO

1920     Jewish Orphans Home                                                Detroit MI
1921     Jewish Home for the Friendless                                Scranton PA
1924     Jewish Children’s Home                                              Milwaukee WI
1930     Pauline Stern Wolff Memorial Home                       Houston TX

​*Initially opened in rented quarters. New Orleans's Jewish Orphans' Home was the first purpose-built Jewish orphanage in the United States.